Current Acumat projects include:

Butler Elgarmill- a complete strip down/rebuild and retrofit with a Siemens CNC system.

Rebuild and retrofit a Twin Beam 7 axis CNC spot welding machine with Siemens  equipment.

Design and build an automated cutting and grove rolling line for steel pipes.

Retrofit a Union Borer with Ball Screws and Siemens CNC.

Regrinding spindle nose taper seating – we usually do several a month.

ACUCUT 12000
Sometime back, we designed and built a Special Purpose machine for a Kenworth contractor.  Our customer needed to drill literally hundreds of holes and profile sections of high tensile steel channel.  The product was Chassis Rail for Kenworth Trucks. That machine has been up and running for about 5 years.  Controlled by a Siemens 840D system, driving AC Servo Motors, the machine can process rails to 12 metres long. Chassis Rails are clamped to the bed and a gantry traverses the length carrying drills to 38 dia., a high definition plasma torch and an engraving head.  The web and both flanges can be processed.  The engraving head  is used to place identifying codes and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto the rails.  The plasma profiles the flanges to create clearance for the engine and other components.  The plasma is also used to cut the taper on the rear section for the lead onto the turntable of a prime mover. We named the machine "ACUCUT" and have decided there is a market out there amoung the truck builders. who currently use chassis rail punching machines and separate plasma or laser machines.
Currently, we are commissioning an ACUCUT 12000 (with a 17.6 metre bed) machine for IVECO INTERNATIONAL.  This particular machine will process both straight and "Cranked" chassis rails.

Grain Truck

9900i Eagle by International Trucks Australia (above)
Iveco Stralis AD AT (right)

Our C.N.C. Chassis Rail processing machine pdf (download 358 KB pdf)

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Accuct 12000

Accucut controls

Iveco Stralis

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