With the frequent tool changes that occur with CNC machine tool programs, the tapered seating of the spindle nose is often worn ahead of the rest of the machine. Expensive solutions were applied to fix the problem. Usually, the machine would be partially striped down, so the spindle could be removed for re-grinding.

At Acumat, we have developed a machine specifically for the purpose of re grinding the tapered seat in machine tool spindles In-Situ. The re grinding is done without removing the spindle from the machine. Our power needs are 240vAC and compressed air. The spindle in question needs to be operating at between 300 to 800 RPM.
The taper is ground without using the customer’s machine to interpolate the angle.
The spindle itself needs to be free from major damage and to be straight.
The support bearings must be in good condition with the correct pre load.

Normally within a day, our machine can be mounted on the customers machine table or bed and the tapered seating re ground. That’s a big improvement over conventional time consuming methods.


•Tooling runs true and cuts to size
•Tool life can be dramatically increased
•Cost effective – no need for an expensive spindle head strip down and rebuild
•Quick – can restore a spindle taper in one day


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